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Spanish Armada Ship Galatea 1922 - 1982 (Translated)

Our first contact with the Galatea, on a rainy, leaden and sad day was bleak.
Sailboat only dis tinguía masting, as all of her white topsides hull was hidden behind the gray concrete pier whose surface height coincided with the side of the brig,  following the  strong tide that almost hid it from view .
The gangplank to the ship was horizontal to the surface of the breakwater, so that did not cost any effort enter their wooden deck, which tarred in black that covered caulking, separated slightly the cedar boards that made ​​his adujas packed full housing, cabilleros, blocks, eyebolts, and a host of accessories and ropes, hitherto unknown to us, and that with the passage of time would be as   usual in our new life.
The ship seemed so bleak as the environment Ria Ferrol, the surface water showed only the incessant sparkling droplets of water dropped on your cry heaven.
In those moments again and remembered a hundred times in my head, the silence was broken by the piercing shrill sound of the whistle and Petty guard, accompanied by a small group of military guard, came to the lowering of the flag.

With this brief introduction, I invite everyone to spend the iron ship and stepping on his deck. We recommend visiting the pages of this blog and especially to pause to read carefully. Are written in our sailboat memory.
Those young men who sailed on board, now at over the years and every comment, tell first hand life aboard, traveling, stays in port, anecdotes, temporary, maneuvers and endless facts that shaped his years in the Ship Galatea. Thanks to them, this blog is a reality, it is a space that is rescuing the ship's life and those provisions of our Spanish Armada.

This blog, which is a continuation of the first web pages we do back in 2009 when nothing was spoken of Galatea, wishes you a pleasant stay on board, hoping that in your browsing and endearing ye may find a happy navigation.

The Galatea   from Glasgow and the founders and owners of this website, José Castrillón Mesa, Miguel Gómez Ruiz, Alberto Vera Meizoso and Mora Sánchez Arminio ,  Thank you for your interest and sensitivity. For quite some time have joined this envelope, Gerardo Ureña Massa and Manuel Carrasco Rubio , whose invaluable work, make with your help, we continue rescuing the life of Ship Galatea.  

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El Velero Galatea, a simple title to browse

"We never had fear were many times we saw getting the bowsprit and not could but think." This time not up "and, with great majesty could see again raised the nose to follow direction and only knew how to make Galatea. " 
In this new post we want to share with all visitors, the upcoming release of a new title: "El Velero Galalea" . A book of over four hundred and fifty pages, where the boat breaks tackles today, leaving samples of what was, what is and what will be, thanks to a group of stalwarts who with his tireless work has achieved that "The Galatea Search Again".

The Galatea is proud to have the invaluable and indispensable collaboration literature lover, writer and novelist Miguel Aceytuno Comas, author among other works, of the submarine B-7 and port and starboard novels, published by the publishing house "De Librum Tremens ". These novels have as background the Spanish civil war, and surprise us with a suggestive quote: "Good people in a bad war."
Miguel had the pleasure of treading the deck of the sailboat, but is passionate about the sea from its remotest childhood in Vilanova the Geltrú, Taught by Emilio Salgari work and stories of the sea and those who ply.

Miguel Sánchez Arminio Aceytuno and, as the authors of this new text, are pleased to drink from the source of those a few years ago began to rescue the stories of the ship.
For that reason and since these lines, we want also to mention the real stars of the new and beloved book: José Castrillón,  Miguel GómezGerardo Ureña, Manuel Carrasco and Alberto Vera Meizoso and perhaps you.  
Thanks to all and visitors of this blog by stepping on the virtual deck of the sailboat Galatea.

While ordering pages Galatea crew saw fit to spend drinking coffee I met a man who told me as she rode winter barefoot with swollen feet as boots and hands barely able to move sticks that moved like a metronome in the storm. It was necessary to reduce sail. Otherwise, the storm will sink. Subía voluntary, of course. Nobody would have forced up, but all offering to hacerlo.Le had said he was a hero, but he was too stunned to speak. 
The man spoke simply, without regard to that. He did by boat, she said. Neither the captain. Not for the sacred flag. He did it for the companions, because when they came down, they offered little clothes she had on board to give it dry. Yes there eyes trembled at mention. Friends, when that word meant something. Holding back tears at the thought of them before this poor writer, who thought that such people existed only in Hollywood movies.Now that's history. 
What you will read here is the most precious material that can reach a historian.'s words a Navy veteran, looking into your eyes 
We're going to talk about a way to navigate that would not have been strange a Seat, a Juan de la Cosa. Candle living history, told by heroes who put their lives in danger a thousand times knowing that their sacrifice will be anonymous, like the tears that are poured into the sea. Real men, of which also cry, but only .... When they think their peers.

Rigging, Indoor Living and sleeping elsewhere in the Ship Galatea

We know that Galatea is in Glasgow, Scotland, but despite this we cling to not forget his past, to remember it as it was when the different promotions specialists maneuver, step on its cover.
In this post we would like the places surrounding us stay on board, which was contase as this or that cockpit, living cabin, mast, sail and even out, cable or rope however insignificant it was is describiesen.
In this way we will have more detailed Galatea and stay forever description sailboat that is no longer with us.

The administrators of this blog, the possibility of transferring any comment that does not adhere to the description of the vessel, the main entrance on "History, sailing, living aboard and anecdotes Ship Galatea School" are reserved. 
Which already They described is in the comments of this entry, but also told in the annex to this blog titled Tales of Ship Galatea "The Galatea sailing again" 

We reviewed these comments which describes the Galatea, became in January 2012 , The date of publication of these descriptions can be seen in the timing of the comments on this page titled "Rigging, Indoor Living and sleeping elsewhere Ship Galatea School." 

To write comments and see already made ​​about describing the Galatea: Chop a few lines below where it says "comments" . 
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History of a watercolor of "Galatea"

In this task the research conducted by Manuel García García and components of this space, in order to carry out successful completion Watercolor Ship "Galatea" set out in the annex blog comments to it, entitled "Stories of Ship Galatea".

After these investigations arose several questions on the sailboat, and the most important was the date of your lower NavyWhich did not appear in any text that we could see. Fruit of the effort and the magnificent and desintereada collaboration of a group of marine enthusiasts Galatea, either your destination on board or simply ties to the boat, we expose here this finding that has filled us with joy on one hand, but at a time of deep sadness, knowing that the Galatea had no prescriptive honeres all vessels causes lowNavyBut ended his days as a floating object and bones lie outside the country that kept it longer.

The "little story" of this table, when the author begins watercolor ship Galatea, meet and connect with a group of ex-sailors "Galatea" who call himself "galateanos", coordinated by Sánchez Arminio, making a magnificent work on behalf of "your boat", including several online blog: Ship Maneuvering Galatea, Galatea Ship Reviews and east, where is included watercolor Galatea, Galatea Narratives Ship
To collaborate, rummaged among his "old papers" to find a postcard in sepia with bu that seen departing from a port to starboard, and an official envelope, circulated Franchise and official seal of Ferrol to Madrid.
Manuel as it is called, sent the postcard in black and white and soon and we hung on our pages. After some discussions, he decided to paint the veteran ship, in memory of his sixty yearsthe Spanish ArmadaAnd support "galateanos". Well we better still has it.

When I decide to start my research to paint the ship Galatea School, I contact with components of the blog, and begin the first questions arising from a postcard in black and white and up is exposed, which serves me as a basis for make watercolor. 
The first question is the time and place where the original photograph that has resulted in the post was made.  
then arise many others, as the color of paint Hull live work, the smoke of the machinery of the vessel, as is clearly seen leaving the harbor with its own propulsion machinery and later finished the job, the big question that arises, lowerNavy as a ship, to include the date of Lepanto black ribbon at the base of the table names the ship and its period as such in your life Navy Spanish.
I started on January 2, 2013, when I painted the sky, continuing on February 8 finishing rigging. Between days 18, 22 and 24 of the same month I finished the hull bottom, ribbon and sea, but leaving pending paint in the "ribbon Lepanto" date "Low", since it was not very clear, as some suggest that it was in 1969, and others between 1980 and 1982. finally finished it on February 28, 2013 putting "1982 ".
 Infinity to thank all friends consulted the help and interest shown, since at last able to locate the "Associate communicated OM # 59 in Madrid dated October 28, 1982:
1 -. Barracks The Ship Afloat "YCFN-11 " (Formerly Galatea) cause low on the list of units of the Naval Train on December 30, 1982.
2.-The disarmament will take place in El Ferrol Arsenal .. etc "coincides with the dates of your last command Commander. 8 May 1979 December 30, 1982.

But there were other dark spots on The PostcardHappily clarified: when, how and where the photo was taken.The fund could be any Galician, Cadiz, etc. port. I began to ask each other. The key came to me through the Museu Maritim de Barcelona, ​​as an expert in that Puerto said he could be Barcelona, ​​by the detail of the "mussel" fore and aft spring Town. Just missing confirmation. On January 29, I went to see an acquaintance who is in the business of postcards, and nothing more I see the post and JVB initials, said: JORGE VERINI BARCELONA. "And added something very important:" I just took pictures of Barcelona ".

We already have the port, failing to locate the date. It was not difficult thanks Internet: Given that there are pictures of "Galatea" withFlag of Spain painted on both sides of the hull, by WarWorld, which ended in 1945, and that the helmet does not carry the flag. I searchedthe Newspaper of "La Vanguardia"Any reference to the ship, between 1945 and 1955 and" bingo ". They left several pages which realizes the training trip started on 20 March 1951 in Ferrol for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with planned visits to Cape Juby, Barcelona, ​​Ceuta, Santander and Ferrol, where the arrival was scheduled for 25 May 1951, although it took a few days.
As I think you must be interested, I summarized the news I review, the first of May 10, 1951, indicating the imminent arrival of "Galatea".

May 15, 1951, Tuesday. Page 12
"At nine o'clock, from Spanish West Africa, comes to Barcelona Ship" Galatea ". Remain four or five days and may be admired by the public fond things of the sea, you will see the old ship one of the survivors of the sailing ships of the late nineteenth century. It is a beautiful example of the Corvette or Brick-Barca Italian bill of over 2,500 tons. " (You mean Scottish bill).

May 16, 1951, Wednesday. Page 11
"Yesterday, first thing in the morning, came into our harbor for the first time in his long life marine training shipNavyWar "Galatea". It is commanded by Commander Baizcartegui Victoriano Sánchez, who has his orders to 15 officers and 385 sailors of the crew, of which 50 are students. "
"On arrival, the" Galatea "docked Side in the spring of Barcelona, ​​north facing. Midday moved to Naval Sector in Catalonia to fill the Chief himself, CA Pascual Cervera Cervera. In statements to the press commander Galatea said "before entering Barcelona, ​​played in the port of Alcudia where we stayed a few days to paint and clean up the ship, it was well deserved after the long days so far this incessant activity at sea. And finally , check out the May 21, being photographed by Jorge Verini ".

May 22, 1951, Tuesday. Page 14
"Yesterday, at five in the afternoon we made it back to the sea, continuing his current training cruise, the ship" Galatea. "Aboard the tug" Llobregat "of JO. P. accompanied the vessel to outside port some marine authorities and some guests, for the sake of which the provision of "Galatea" to be in the open sea, he executed with great perfection some proper exercise of their specialty, as up to the yards , the shooting rig and other maneuvers that were of great effect. Authorities returned to port while the "Galatea" was lost in the horizon bound for Ceuta, and from there go to Ferrol and Santander. "


After many consultations that also include   those made ​​Miguel Ruiz Gómez,   José Castrillón table and Arminio Sánchez Mora, write an email to Arminio to communicate to finally know the exact time that the snapshot was taken. The message reads:
Galatea Dear friends, thanks for the collaboration, but stop looking the port and date of the photo. I attached a roll of mine, where you will see the whole process of location, to discover that the picture of "Galatea" was taken out of Barcelona, ​​about 17 hours 30 minutes from the May 21, 1951. Best regards. 
As I told you, I'm painting the ship "Galatea" and use as a base, an old postcard, in which he is seen leaving a port, with sailors climbing the rigging and the pilot boat to starboard. Because the fund was not very well defined, I thought at first that it was a Galician ria.
If anyone could enlighten me on this, the 21st of January 2013, I sent the photo to a group navalistas friends and ex-marine of "Galatea". I received several responses, in which I thought the place was Ferrol and Cadiz. The year is not known, not being written, circulated and postmarked postcard.
However, from the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, ​​I say Javier Aznar, an expert in the port of Barcelona, ​​puts out the same and is based on the bow are the mussel had some fifty years ago, and stern Town Dock. It is a reliable clue.

Watching the post, I see in the bottom right, which are the "JVB" letters and the number 327left. Have been the "key" and the tip of the "out" that started pulling until you get to know everything about the picture. 01/13/29 Last Monday, I went to the center of Barcelona to see an acquaintance who is engaged in buying and selling postcards. Nothing more to see it said "JVB" stands for Joge   Verini.   Barcelona.
Apparently this photographer used since 1912, about those same initials with various fonts and sizes until the fifties. I taught various colored postcards where behind reads: Jorge Verini-Ed Barcelona, ​​and added something very important: "Just photographing Barcelona and nearby towns."

We already have the port, and we just need to find the date. It was not difficult thanks Internet: Given that there are pictures of "Galatea" with Spain flag painted on the bow and stern of the hullWarWorld,   which ended in 1945, and that the helmet does not carry the flag. Search the archive of "La Vanguardia"Any reference to the ship, between 1945 and 1955.
They left several pages which realizes the training trip started on 20 March 1951 in Ferrol for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with planned visits to Cape Juby, Barcelona, ​​Ceuta, Ferrol and Santander, which arrive in late May. As I think you must be interested, I summarized the news I review, the first of May 10, 1951, indicating the imminent arrival of "Galatea".

The next question is   to know the color of the outside of the hull of the Galatea, reasonable doubt because throughout his life Spanish military helmet has been painted red lead, and green. But the interesting thing is the color   she wore at the time of taking the photograph of   the postcard in black and white because as   one can understand the original photo does not give the option to distinguish color.
Arminio answer me that in the period in which Galatea was in the hull was painted green. The question moves to Miguel   Gómez Ruiz when embarked on the Galatea, the boat was in dry dock in 1956, and that the color of the hull was red.

He talks with Mesa Castrillón and argues that the years in which he sailed in the Galatea,   the color of the hull was green, but this color was only about forty centimeters below the waterline and forty others above said line,  and below these measures until her keel was red minium. Therefore in view only looked   green.
At these consultations and as in almost all pics of those years, the Galatea showed his white helmet and green your waterline,   opt for painting the green line, despite believing that   that color would not emphasize too bluish green of the sea. Sid0 thing that has not and can be seen in the painting.

Looking Photo advised that the Galatea thanks to mechanical propulsion is leaving port, but I see no point in the trail of smoke from their machines. I just watched a kind of chimney, half hidden by a liferaft located to starboard outrigger height and near the foremast.
Consult with said end components Ship Maneuvering blog Galatea and I respond that this fireplace belongs to the kitchens, so try to give the picture a trail of smoke, I'm trying to figure out where they were fireplaces in the living machines.
Faced with this question, I reply that the fireplace was located in poop, bridge behind, and slightly to starboard near the ladder to climb the bridge. The height of the vent was much lower than the height of the bridge and into a tube shape was similar to a mushroom fan, but metallic fabric covered with asbestos and painted white. A fireplace it was called "Mambrú" and sometimes served as a refuge for some guard calantarse in consequence of heat despredía by outgassing.
In the unlikely event that the smoke machine was visible, was given housing and shaping the image of the post, just would its wake. For this reason it was decided not to paint in watercolor no smoke trail and be faithful aa the original postcard.

As you pray the epitaph of Scipio Africanus: "Ungrateful fatherland, ne ossa mea quiedem habes"  ungrateful country, do not even have my bones.

Another issue that was much talked about are the high and low dates as warship Navy. The year after discharge showed no problem, because documentation on this first date, when the Galatea came from Italy he had.
I was discharged in NavySpanish   on 19   December   1922, which is when buying the Italians.
In the book of Anca Aramillo "Ship NavySpanish twentieth century ", published by the Ministry of Defence in 2008, have found   this information on the record of Galatea:
Talk of a high official on 19 December 1922, and the official withdrawal in 1982, but do not know what the author means with that "missed". You can read in the high word "omitted" enclosed in parentheses following the written line referencing the "low".

Manuel García García   already has finished painting   the absence of this important data, so begins his inquiries and   sends   Arminio, copy the following message after talking to a great friend navalista.
The message reads:
Amigo Juan Luis: I appreciate the answer infinity, and I'm shocked to read that it was never dropped, or at least not published. I expected to find a journal or newsletter that circumstance Defense where outlined, naturally and habituallythe AE.
You are right that is a question "of note" and stir often have armed. I have investigated a group of friends navalistasNavyand "ex sailors Galatea" blog Maneuver Ship Galatea. I hope to determine the year off.

What comes closest is the list of Commanders, ending with the period from June 8, 1979 to December 30, 1982 and the Commander Garat Juan Nunez.
With this story, the "Galatea" rather reminds me of that movie "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" ghost ship with that came and went in those seas of God. Thanks for the help and for sure will communicate the outcome of the negotiations.

Manuel responds saying Arminio: warm, warm. I send mail L.Coello Juan Lillo (navalista) and my response. As you will see,Lower the "Galatea" increasingly more complicated, what a hare got up, but we will gradually unraveling the skein.
Juan Luis Manolo answer again and says, Well, I you ask a question of the "note", as the "Galatea" was not officially never given low List Vessel Navy (And if it was, that low was not published as was required in the Official Journal of the Ministry of Defence, Defence Bulletin today).
FYI, the "Galatea" sailed to December 1959, while affection from January 1, 1960 and until 1980 as pontoon-school School Maneuver Navy (Ferrol parked first and then The Grana). Then stayed as barracks ship afloat until 1985 when it was ceded to the Board of San Telmo, it forwarded to Sevilla as you know. He was returned toNavyin early 1990, and finally in 1992 was sold to the Clyde Maritime Trust, as is well known.
And that's all I can precisarte about it, I hope you prove of some use.

The next day Arminio is contacted with a sailor, who was in the same year course in Galatea, living from September 1974 until August 1975, performing both the corresponding courses. finds out Marine: 
In the book of Anca Aramillo   "ShipNavySpanish twentieth century ", published by the Ministry of Defence in 2008, include the following   information in the record of Galatea:
The text speaks of a high official on December 19, 1922, when the Italians are buying, and the official withdrawal in 1982, although I do not know who the author mean with that "missed" So there we have another track. Once tucked into flour, will try to reach the end of the data.
Below are consulted another partner   promotion and later find out,  that   in 1961 became a training ship dock, and   it   effectively in the first half of 1980, no longer allowed to make life on board and life became in   one LST that had been adapted as a floating accommodation for the Balearic type frigates entering construction period.
In the Official List Vessel Navy(LOBA) 1980 Galatea no longer appears, for in that list, and until this year appeared as pontoon vessel. What seems, is that   from there step byListUnits of the Naval Train (LUTN)   as accommodation afloat. 
More news from Ferrol, together with those collected by several connoisseurs Galatea finally give birth to the unexpected ending legendary sailboat, which formed the foremen of our Navy.

Finally he got to know the date of low Navyand knew that at least did not die as Galatea, but as YCFN-11 is the date   by Ministerial Executive Order # 59 from Admiral Chief of StaffNavy. Pthis Order or cause low Navythe Headquarters Ship Afloat YCFN-11, ex-Galatea (Naval Train). Therefore Barracks The Ship Afloat "YCFN-11 "Galatea cause ex-terminate the list of units of the Naval station on 30 December 1982.

Excerpt from the "Termination Ship Galatea"
By Ministerial Executive Order # 59 from Admiral Chief of StaffNavy, Then removed from Navy the Headquarters Ship Afloat YCFN-11 (formerly Galatea) (Naval Train).
Agreed Down Barracks Ship Afloat YCF-11 in the list of drives Train   Naval and exercising the powers conferred on meOrder Ministerialn º 1.061/77 of 7 September on the proposal of   Staff ofNavy and in accordance with Regulation Situations Ships.

1st. The Barracks Ship Afloat "YCFN-11 " (Ex Glalatea) will cause removal from the list of units of the Naval station on 30 December 1982.

2nd. Disarmament will be held at the Arsenal de Ferrol del Caudillo accordance with the provisions of Article 15 of Regulation Rule 7th Situations ships, following the procedures provided inDirective No staff of 006 Navydated 10 March 1972.

3rd. By the Head of Logistic Support Admiral, will dictate the   appropriate instructions for disarmament and subsequent disposal of the non-useful material forNavy accordance with the S-16.

                                Madrid 28 October 1982
                                               By delegation

The Chief of Staff Admiral Navy Saturnino Suances the Hidalga.
Audience:    Hon. Mr. Admiral Chief of StaffNavy Hon. Mr. Captain General ofZone Maritime Cantabrian.

Thanks to Escrigas family all know, with a great seafaring tadición and indispensable reference training ship Galatea and Manuel García García, the hisoria painting Galatea and because contacts for making them, has resulted in a contribution of important documents of the Postal History. All these documents are Postal History.In this case the Galatea.
From here I thank you, especially to Juan Escrigas, hoping to continue contributing to the essential documentation Galatea navigate again.

Illustration # 1 

07/18/1936. El Ferrol Commander of the "Galatea" in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where the ship was at the beginning ofthe Civil War. 

Illustration # 2 
02/11/1939. Envelope with Dater of the Headquarters of the Commander Generalissimo Ship "Galatea". "Brand of Censorship" Admiral and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy. 

Illustration # 3 

03/25/39. Provincial Hospital of Navarra, "with censorship," the Commander "Galatea" in Ferrol. Reissue from that city to Palma de Mallorca, where he had to take command of the cruiser "Navarra".

Illustration # 4
Posted possibly from Marin to El Ferrol, stamped Command of the Ship "Galatea" and check "Long live Spain", both Republican crown. Since until 30 September 1938 that city was not added "Caudillo", the letter was sent before.

Figure 5 

09/28/70. El Ferrol to Germany with Franchise and administrative stamp "Galatea School Maneuver Command". The fact of having an "R" on the seal of 1 peseta, is nothing but a favor of Postal WorkerNaval EstafetaSince that "R" is always stamped on the envelope when certified mail is sent.
The "R" is for postal use internationally as abbreviation "Registered" or "Recommande". The logic is that in Spain and Spanish speaking countries place a "C" Certificate, but the rulesUP. U. so provide.

Illustration # 6
03/15/71. El Ferrol to Germany and administrative Franchise Post stamp "Galatea School Maneuver Commander."
Both this and the other letter, addressed to Germany, are requests from collectors naval theme, which as usual, attach an envelope with address and postage of the country. In fact, the brand of "Franchise" should only be used for official mail without a stamp.

Illustration # 7
10/21/80. El Ferrol to Madrid Franchise and stamps "Galatea School Maneuver Chief Detail".
This is one that meets all the standards of what should be an official post, as indicated above in box. Therefore carries no postage stamp. Notice that in all three, all administrative stamps are different.

The entire collection of these pieces belong to D. Juan Escrigas, except that the latter was contributed by D. Manuel García García.

FAMILY Blasco Núñez

A brief history of the two great images
The Spanish government was interested in the boat, buying it for 650,000 pesetas, with Cartagena the first Spanish port they docked, dated December 14, 1922. Later he was taken to Cadiz to become Vessel of Midshipmen in Echevarrieta shipyards and Larrinaga, as stated in the contract of April 30, 1923, which was adapted as a training ship for midshipmen and Keel being the Commander, Commander Don Ramon Martinez and Del Moral. 
After making repairs and alterations as training ship, start making your trip to sea in 1925. 

Well, my grandfather Commander D. Nunez Indalecio Quixano, by Royal Decree of 10 December 1924, he was appointed Commander of the Ship-School Galatea, taking office on 27 March. 
During the first nine months of 1925, he remained at anchor in La Grana (Ferrol) out to sea on 30 October for testing, anchored in the bay of Honey, at the entrance of Ferrol. 

His departure was the first operational November 12, 1925 along the coasts of northern Spain on 19 returning to its mooring of Grana (Ferrol). On this trip took a terrible storm that ran all the Cantabrian, suffering my grandfather a broken rib when needing lashing-belt and fall against a bar for poop. His second was Don Fausto Cruz Escrigas with the one in the pictures that I send. On the first photo, Escrigas is third from the left and below is my grandfather. 

In the second photo, my grandfather is standing first from the left and is sitting Escrigas. Anyway, as verásn, my grandfather was the first commandant who took the ship to sea on his first trip to the north. The former was Commander Keel. 
Don Blasco Núñez Santos.

Space Ship Maneuvering Galatea, appreciates the historical documents that shed light on the life of Galatea sailboat, provided by the family, Blasco Núñez, especially Don Blasco Núñez Santos, grandson of the first operational commander of Galatea, Galatea first navigation .

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