Nov. 13,1942

Loss of USS Juneau (CL-52) during Battle of Guadalcanal results in loss of Five Sullivan Brothers.

Nov. 14,1910

Civilian Eugene Ely pilots first aircraft to take-off from a ship, USS Birmingham (CL-2) at Hampton Roads, VA. He lands safely on Willoughby Spit, Norfolk, VA.

Nov. 15,1942

Although U.S. lost several ships in Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, Naval Force under Rear Admiral Willlis Lee, USS Washington (BB-56), turns back Japanese transports trying to reinforce Guadalcanal. The Japanese never again try to send large naval forces to Guadalcanal.

Nov. 16,1973

Launch of Skylab 4 under command of U.S Marine Corps Lt. Cmdr. Gerald P. Carr.The missions lasted 84 days and included 1,214 Earth orbits.Recovery by USS New Orleans (LPH-11).

Nov. 17,1955

Navy sets up Special Projects Office under Rear Adm. William F. Raborn to develop a solid propellant ballistic missile for use in submarines. Nov. 18, 1954 — Nov. 11 designated as Veterans Day to honor veterans of all U.S. wars.

Nov. 18,1890

USS Maine,first American battleship, is launched.

Nov. 19,1961

At the request of President of Dominican Republic, U.S. Naval Task Force sails to Dominican Republic to bolster the country’s government and to prevent a coup.

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