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MGen Edward L. Logan - Logan Airport

Although Logan withdrew from the Massachusetts state militia in 1899, he rejoined in 1901, appointed to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the 9th Infantry Regiment.[1] He served throughout the decade in that unit and won several promotions, ending in the rank of Captain.[1] In February 1911 he was promoted to Major and in May 1912 to Colonel of the Massachusetts 9th Regiment.[1]
In March 1917, Logan's unit was mobilized to guard installations in anticipation of the US declaration of war on Germany. After several months of guard duty, the 9th was redesignated as the 101st Infantry Regiment and assigned to the 26th Infantry Division, organized from the National Guards of the New England states. Logan accompanied his troops to France in command of the 101st.
In April 1919, the regiment was relieved of active duty, and Logan oversaw its reorganization into the Massachusetts National Guard. In January 1921 Logan was promoted to brigadier general and took command of the 1st Infantry Brigade. In March 1923 he was promoted to major general and given command of the 26th Division. As its first post-war commander, General Logan was responsible for reorganizing and training the division as a completely Massachusetts unit.

Post war lifeEdit

Throughout the remainder of his life, Logan achieved prominence as an advocate for veterans as the state commander of the American Legion and president of the National Guard Association of the United States. He retired from the Guard in 1938.

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