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Citizen protesting against new base construction saves baby turtle in Oura Bay

Citizen protesting against new base construction saves baby turtle in Oura Bay

A baby sea turtle was saved in Oura Bay of Henoko in Nago City on the afternoon on April 14.

April 17, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo

On April 14, in Oura Bay, Nago City, Tadashi Shimabukuro, 56, a member of the canoe team staging a protest against the construction of a new U.S. base, saved a sick green turtle.

According to Shimabukuro, the green turtle floated on the surface of the sea near pollution control membranes, which were installed in waters about 100 meters off the coast of Nagashima. "The turtle did not escape when I approached it. [The turtle] was likely unable to swim by itself, so I protected it."

The Okinawa Churashima Foundation received notification about the turtle and sent a team to rescue it. They are now looking after it.

According to the team, there were no external injuries. The turtle is about 2-3 years old and its shell is about 40-cm long.

According to Shimabukuro, green turtles and loggerhead turtles have been often spotted swimming in Oura Bay.

"I do not know the direct cause of the debilitation," said Shimabukuro. He added, "The ocean environment has changed. It is more severe for living things."

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