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Okinawa Prefecture to send a request for cooperation on the Henoko issue to environmental protection organizations

Okinawa Prefecture to send a request for cooperation on the Henoko issue to environmental protection organizations

On the morning of April 11 at the Okinawa Prefectural Government, Nago City Council Chairman Minoru Yabiku requested Vice Governor Moritake Tomikawa (center) and Policy Adjustment Commissioner Katsuhiro Yoshida (right) reach out to IUCN on the issue of new base construction in Henoko.

April 11, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo

Okinawa Prefecture will send a written statement to request that the International Conservation Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN) and the other main environmental protection organizations in Japan reach out to the Japanese government to take measures to avoid environmental destruction caused by the construction of a new base in Henoko, Nago City. The sender of the opinion letters is Governor Takeshi Onaga. This is the first time for the prefecture to send letters to environmental groups about the Henoko base construction issue. On April 11, Vice Governor Moritake Tomikawa disclosed the news of the statement.
It contains a statement from Nago City Council. Nago City Council Chairman Minoru Yabiku and other members handed down a written statement passed by the Council on March 24. The written statement points out the influence that the construction of the new Henoko base will have on the environment of Oura Bay and asks the Japanese government and Okinawa Prefecture to request cooperation from IUCN.

Vice Governor Tomikawa said, "We would like to work together in collaboration with the prefecture and Nago City. The Japanese government refuses to listen even though IUCN has made recommendations four times. We want to send letters soon as the situation is getting tense."

(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana)

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