Monday, May 15, 2017

USS PRINCETON LPH 5 - BLT 3/3 - 1961-1962

 The USS PRINCETON LPH 5 provided direct support to BLT 3/3 dyring operations in the Philippines and South China Sea. In October 1961 while onboard the ship.  "Interruptions came in October 1961 when she rescued 74 survivors of two merchantmen Pioneer Muse and Sheikgrounded on Kita Daito Shima and in April 1962 when she delivered Marine Corps advisors and helicopters to Sóc Trăng in the Mekong Delta area of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)."  In addition, while conducting Naval exercises in the South China Sea, the Princeton was subject to (Training) torpedo attack, one of which struck the port bow making a large thump against the hull. Two WWII Veteran navy CPO's were seen on the hanger deck yelling Torpedo off the port bow. After the dust settled the Sub surfaced and retrieved its practise torpedo but not before some shaky nerves realized what could have really happened.  Also in support was the USS Pickaway APA222 and USS Renville APA 227.    


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